Bye bye

For people who popped by only to find everything gone, I'm sorry.
There are many reasons why I wanted to erase everything.
But I don't think I'll ever share the reason why.
It is entirely up to you to call me names for my decisions but all I want to say is thank you very much to everyone who were here and for every comment posted (:

For now, I will still be on my ameblo and twitter.

Maybe I might open up this LJ again, maybe I might get a new name, maybe I might open a new page somewher else.

But for now, I just want to leave and take all my 4 years of fandom with me.

Till then, goodbye and thank you.

Ciao ^^

Project HHL#E

For all participants of Operation #Eggplant, おつかめさま。
Happy happy lord blesses your fingers and wrists.

Basically, this is to thank ourselves and our Lord #Eggplant for the joy and lulz in the past hours.



So if people are genuine about sending #eggplant a happy happy lord greeting in the shape of an #eggplant, comment to this post.
If there are enough people who are REALLY sure about this, project will proceed :D
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CONFIRMED PARTICIPANTS (29/11): 54 #eggplants

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